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n qualities and kindness th▓ey sometimes find when they are most in need.▓"Cao is a great example of how writing wonderful prose and telling stories about brave childr▓en facing tremendous difficulties and cha▓llenges can attract a very wide an

d committed child readersh▓ip as well as helping to shape a literary tradition in China that honors the realities of children's worlds," Aldana highlighted.Born in 1954 in a small rural village in Yancheng, Jiangsu prov▓ince, Cao spent his childhood in poverty. He ▓nonetheless was able to study at Peking Unive▓rsity and is now a professor o

f Chine▓se literature and children's literature.When peopl▓e achieve something, it is because they have a background, Cao told Xinhua soon after his award▓'s announcement."And my background is China," he highlighted."All of my stories are set in China, all of them ▓are

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Chinese stories, but at the same time they are the stories of humankind," he said.Recently Cao's books have been making their way into the world and have found enthusiastic readers in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.Cao wished that the world will increasingly ▓look at China's literature with a more fair ▓and open attitude, and that Chinese ▓aut

hors will make an effort to use a language that is s▓uitable for translation, a communication style that c▓an be understood by the entire world.H▓is understanding of children's literature is "creating a go▓od human nature basis for the sake of humankind," Cao

ed by the huma

told Xinhua.Literature has▓ a fundamental artistic value, he stressed, and Monday's prize has confirmed that Chinese children's literature ▓has a high place in the world."There will certainly be other Chinese authors who will wi▓n the Hans Christian Andersen Prize in the future," he concluded.Ger

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